iPad 2 Repair

ipad 2 cracked screen

iPad 2 Glass Replacement

When your iPad 2 has a cracked glass, and or no longer has accurate touch.

ipad cracked screen

iPad 2 LCD Replacement

When your iPad 2 has damaged display, such as lines, spots, blemishes.

iPad Battery Replacement

iPad 2 Battery Replacement

If your iPad 2 is no longer holding a charge or doesn’t turn on.

iPad charging port replacement

iPad 2 Charging Port Replacement

When your  iPad 2 no longer charges, and or has issues connecting to your computer.

ipad home button replacement

iPad 2 Home Button Replacement

If your iPad 2 home button no longer clicks or stops working.

ipad headphone jack repair

iPad 2 Head Phone Jack Replacement

If your headphones are no longer working or you can’t enter fit them in.

ipad loud speaker replacement

iPad 2 Loud Speaker Replacement

When you have trouble hearing your phone ringing, or distorted and muffled sound.

ipad front camera replacement

iPad 2 Front Camera Replacement

If your front camera no longer works.

iPad rear camera replacement

iPad 2 Rear Camera Replacement

If your rear camera no longer works.

ipad microphone repair

iPad 2 Microphone Replacement

If your iPad no longer can hear your voice.

ipad mute repair switch

iPad 2 Silent Mute Button Replacement

If you can no longer put your iPad 2 in silent mode.

ipad mute button repair

iPad 2 Volume Button Replacement

If your volume up, or volume button are no longer functional.

ipad power button repair

iPad 2 Power Button

If you can longer turn off your iPad 2, or the power button is no longer functional.

ipad wifi replacement

iPad 2 Wifi Antenna replacement

If you can no longer connect to wi-fi networks, disconnects, or signal is low

ipad data recovery

iPad 2 Data Recovery

If your device is beyond repair, we offer iPhone data recovery for photos, contacts, messages, etc.

ipad water damage repair

iPad 2 Water Damage

When you have dropped your phone in liquid, or spilled liquid on it.

ipad diagnostic

iPad 2 Diagnostics

Not sure exactly what’s wrong and or experience many issues?